Course Features

  • Competitive Pricing

    Learn why competitive pricing is important and see how to do your own competitive pricing research (examples shown on Etsy and eBay)

  • Hourly Billable Rate

    Find out where having a hourly billable rate is most applicable and see how to calculate what your hourly rate should be to achieve your desired salary

  • Tips For Success

    An additional chapter delves into suggestions for local sales, online store platforms and general tips to help your business succeed

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Course Introduction
  • 2
    Competitive Pricing Handmade Items
    • Competitive Pricing Overview
    • Competitive Pricing: ETSY
    • Competitive Pricing: EBAY
  • 3
    Rule of Thirds
    • General Rule of Thumb: The Rule of Thirds
  • 4
    Hourly Wage Formula
    • Billable Hourly Rate Formula
  • 5
    Tips on Selling Handmade Items
    • Intro to Tips for Selling Handmade Items
    • Five Tips to Selling Online
    • Ten Local Venues You Can Sell At
    • 6 Places to Make Online Sales
  • 6
    • Course Completion

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